How do you block a website then unblock it


Can you give me directions for what the title says
With safari
I'm gonna block a certain site for a week or two and then I wanna unblock it but I don't know how
I need to be an ice cube and cool down
Because I'm trapped inside an hourglass and when all the sand is down it's kinda over, so I need a break so I need to know how to block and unblock websites
Times up over blow snap back to reality oh there goes gravity oh there's goes rabbit


Idk how helpful but here's a website that might help!


Okay I'll go for a few days


B I can't block it. It seems scary...


Well, your parents probably blocked it for a reason. So it's best you don't unblock it. :DD


Her parents didn't block it, she wants to block it for a week or two, then unblock it. :D


Well, you have to go to restrictions to do that.


No I can block it but I don't wanna because it's scary.


IDK how too.

I will look it up XD