How Do You Become A Regular? :D


How do I become a regular??? Until that the only catagory I can select is help! So can someone tell me how to become one???


You have to have less then 5 flags, be on for 50 days and read TONS of posts/topics


There are already topics for this. :wink:


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Read this

Also, there are many topics about this, which you can find by clicking the magnifiying glass to search. :wink:


Ok!!! Thanks for the information!!!


Anytime! :smiley:


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Like other people said, don't get too many flags, stay on for 50 days, read ALOT of posts and topics! When your a regular you can post in lounge also which is just for regulars, leaders, and moderators.

You can ask kiwicute how close you are to being a regular, she will tell you how many more days and topics you have to be on and read to become regular.

Hope this helped!


@Kiwicute2016 how close am I to being regular? How do I become regular?


There's a topic for badge checkups here! Either wait for Kiwicute on this topic or ask her on this topic when she reopens it tomorrow! :D


Read 1300 topics and 20000 posts!


:no_mouth::no_mouth: wooooooowwwwww!!! That is a lot of posts... Just wondering, how close am I?


Read that many or post that many?


Read 'em.


How close am I? I haven't read many topics...


Close am I?


Not going to be a Regular anytime soon, don't have the stuff.



Look at this: Kiwi gave this to me


How close am I? :0000000