How do you become a moderator?


Just as a question I wanted to know how you become a moderator. I feel like there should be a few more moderators...


1: ask @kiwicute2016 or @buildasnowman
2: @Kiwicute2016 or @buildasnowman answers
3: you learn schtuffs
4: profit

(Or you could just search xD I forgot you could do that)


@Anomyous doesn't know already asked him like salt peanuts


I'm not a moderator, Kiwicute and BAS are
But I think you need to be on a lot, respectful, and yea


I mean @Anonymous


Fight me. Pretty sure you're granted it maybe they should make it a badge


You're manually promoted, and you have to have been on the forum a loooooong time, take into consideration how long @poptart0219 and @creativecoder have been here still without the mod rank

And I'm still wondering how f4lo got promoted so fast, to... checks, leader


IDK But thanks