How do you become a leader? I know you need to get to trust level 4, but how?


The title pretty much explains it. I've seen who the leaders are and I wish I could become one! I know I've just started, but I'd like to work towards it!
1. How do you get to become a leader?
2. What do you have to do?
3. What's it like?
4. Help on becoming one?

Thanks for reading! Any help would be much appreciated


How do you get to become a leader?: THT promotes you!
2. What do you have to do?: Lots of stuff
3. What's it like?: Idk I'm only a reg
4. Help on becoming one?: Be on the forum and HS alot


Idk imma just member XP

  1. Get promoted


  3. idk



Thank ooo!!!!!! Do they promote you to trust level 4 or do you get to trust level four and they promote you to a leader??


Trust level 4 and being a leader are the same thing! One of the mods
Can manually promote you! That's what they did for @Qusid and @seasoned.apricots


Oh okay, thanks!! I thought they were different...


1. How do you get to become a leader?
Leaders are manually promoted and chosen by The Hopscotch Team. To be a Leader, you need to be helpful, kind, fair, and trustworthy. You have to be pretty active and you need to know how to solve problems and arguments on the forum.

2. What do you have to do?
As a Leader, you close/open topics that don't follow the guidelines, merge duplicate topics, help others, and make sure everyone follows the rules. It can be hard sometimes, but I love helping out the community!

3. What's it like?
It's pretty much the same thing as the other trust levels. We just have some extra buttons. :)

4. Help on becoming one?
Try to be helpful, kind, and active. Make sure to not change your personality! Be yourself.


I'm sorry if this sounds silly (I don't know much about the forum yet)m but what is the difference between a moderator and a leader??


Thanks! I'll try my best to do all of those things!!


Mods have a few extra abilities. They can make PMs, see more about users in their bio, and delete posts. Mods also moderate the flags by denying or accepting them. It's a big job, but our Mods are very trustworthy!

  1. How do you get to become a leader?
    If the Hopscotch Team trusts you enough, they promote you.
    What do you have to do?
    Be nice and helpful on the forum.
  2. What's it like?
    I don't know, but I know that you can do all sorts of cool things, like close topics, split and merge, get titles whenever you want, and more likes!
  3. Help on becoming one?
    Well, first you have to be active! A good leader also needs to know a lot about hopscotch and the forum! Second, you need to be really nice. Third, you have to have common sense or else you'll be closing topics randomly.

Mods are a step up from leaders. They can approve or disapprove of flags, and see a lot more about someone in their bio. They can also start private messages. Mods are very trustworthy people. They also have the abilities that a leader has.

Then comes admin. Admins can delete the forum, literally.
They also have the abilities a mod or leader would have. Right now, the hopscotch team members are really the only admins.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Leaders are basically normal users, but can open/close, list/unlist, archive/unarchive, and merge topics. They can also turn topics into banners and pin them. Leaders have the ability to edit posts and hide/unhide them.

Mods can do/see everything (including everything a leader can do)except altering/seeing the code that makes up the forums.

Admins can do legit everything on the forums, except change your password.


They can change the code of the forum? :0

And how can this be true

…If you can


she means that they are pretty much normal users that are "leading the users" with the gadget stuffs

Mods can do far more stuff like track down where you live, (most mods dont do that, but i say most, not all) look at all ur other accounts with the same addres.s, accept and reject flags, and other stuff


A mod can look at forum stats (more advanced ones) and suspend/ban people.


But how can they be close to normal with that powa? :stuck_out_tongue:


because they are normal users


Hmmmmmm… if you post so