How do you add an edit reason on mobile view?


Title says it all. How do you do it?


edit reason? on desktop view on mobile it doesn't exist...


You can't.


You could of pit this on my question topic, because now you have a 3 post topic that isn't usefull anymore, unless you recycle


I found out if you switch to desktop view then turn the phone horizontal you can barely click it


Yeah, you can't seem to add an edit reason on mobile view.


No need to recycle, this topic might be helpful to other people who are asking the same question.


Oh I had not known this; this is helpful indeed!


What do you mean? Why should this be useless? If s/he recycles it will probably never be used again, and that is pretty useless, right? If s/he doesn't recycle, others with the same question can find this topic and get the answer, thus preventing another "useless" topic to be made.

Also, where is this "question topic"?


Ok so um if u use multitasking with safari on the side (iPad) u can't do anything with pictures of polls or anything


She/he can make it into a new topic after she/he recycles


I confused myself and I think The Question Topic might have been deleted anyway
@Periwinkle_Dolphin don't recycle, forget what I said


I wasn't gonna do it anyway