How do you add a video to a post!


I have a question everyone.. How do you add videos to posts?
Oh and I have proof that I could not find it in the search


Just paste the link. For example:


Just add a link I think.

Would make

lol what @XiaoMiaoMi said XD


Ok so like this

Yay I did it ok next question pretend I was playing smile on my I pas and I wanted to screen shot video tape it.. How would I do that? And then post it?


You woul first have to tap the Record button on Hopscotch while you're playing Smile.
Then, you would have to:
1) Upload it to a social media site, and then paste the link
2) Click "Upload", and wait a long time for the video to load on the screen.

Hope this helped!


First of all its called smule magic piano and I mean how can I record it if it's and app!?


I meant like this kind of video!


Then you're going to need a recording app on your iPad, sorry. Or, if you can play it with one hand, use another device to record the screen.


But did u see the video,,,, how do they do it? Like I want to do something like this his on hopscotch!


It sounds awesome, I just have no idea what she's saying!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Exactly. If you download a special recording app on your iPad, you can record your screen, and save it as a video. Not just the regular camera. A special screen-recording app.


Wait... Do you mean programming this on Hopscotch?


You can't upload videos yet on hopscotch.


Speaking about screen recording.... Do u know any free screen recording apps for iPad? I'm having a hard time finding one.... :pensive:


I'm pretty sure the ones on the App Store are a bunch of hoaxes. Hopscotch has a recording option though! It's the red dot on the left side!


oh thanks!!!
sorry for the confusion


no i don''t sorry :slightly_smiling:


i cants see the red dot can you please take a screnn shot???



It's ok