How do u use this lel


ok hair gis idrk how to use this de so -^-


Do you want this to be a gt ?


Hello and welcome to the forum! Here, we talk about the app “Hopscotch”, which I guess that you have. Here are some recommended topics for getting started with the forum:


Same girl same. I’m confused as heck.


Welcome @PBnJ
Thank you to @William04GamerA for recommending my new Users topic! It is a good one if you would like to check it out for further information!

Be sure to check out the other forumers that replied to your topic, because they are so awesome!

Since you made your first topic, I am assuming you know how to do that. Just as a beginner, I would say to head over to the Latest category, which you can find if you click the H in the corner. (on a desktop, at least)

Start by looking at the latest topics! If you have been granted enough access, you can start reading, liking, and commenting!
Have fun!!!


heyy welcome dude! I can explain some stuff if you want ^‿^