How do u make a dm


I heard peapke talking about dms but don’t know how to make them sorry for this waste of topic


you don’t



Sorry for wasting your time though :frowning:



sorry for wasting you time then I guess


The admins of this forum have removed the ability to make dms/pms with other users because they cannot moderate them

There are 3 ways to create pms:

1. Go into your profile, and click the “download all” button on the left hand side
2. Be flagged by another user
3. Type: @dicobot start new user or @dicobot start advanced user

These 3 ways will create a pm, however you cannot invite other users
It’ll be all by yourself :( oh well

You can access and navigate your pms by typing:


Oh idk what that’s is…


Wait of you got flagged what’s step number 2???


I’ve got flagged once…saying HI HUMANS! :grinning:


Sorry this isn’t instagram


That’s not what instagram is for
It’s to post stuff and brag

This guy is probably Sam who wants to DM @Petrichor


Nah I’m
Pretty sure u can add ppl


You can private message in tag groups


But DMs are Direct Messages in Instagram. I don’t even have Instagram


Oh yeah, that too oops


PMs are against the rules, so if you see anyone doing them, they are just a rule breaker XD


Ruuule breaker

Liza told me, Coan, and BBbox not to do this one pm
Bbbox was making a top secret game sorta thing

And then back when pms were allowed, t1 made some with secret passwords to collab accounts it was pretty spiffy


Not exactly. You can make them to request permission to join a group. But outside of that you can’t even make them, pretty much meaning THT doesn’t want you making them anyways


Also I recently found out that Leaders can view PMs(not Moderators though) so I don’t know why they have banned them, they can be watched over.



Mods and leaders that aren’t admins need to be added