How do u fade out?


I'm soooooo confused about the coding for fade out.
I don't get it. If u want to help,
and if u can, plz reply and send a screen shot of ur coding for
fade out. Thx! :purple_heart:


I can't get a screenshot but here is how you code it:
Instead of the brackets but the value of the object's invisibility
In the object you want to fade:

Repeat 100 {
Set invisibility to [] + 1


It's easy!
You should know that, by default, when you create a new text the invisibility is automatically 0 percent. If you put the code

Repeat 100 times
Set invisibility (set invisibility percent + 1)

And every time it repeats, the invisibility goes up by 1.
If you don't understand, just say.


Thx sooo much!
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Check the video on Hopscotch


There is a video Hopscotch created for us on how to fade out! You can also use the Set Invisibility block like SQUISHY said.


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Thanks everyone!


You're welcome @glow12


The Devlopers Made A Video About It!