How do trading drafts work?


Title. I'm thinking of doing some collabs, but I don't really understand how trading drafts work. I get that we have to publish and unpublish things for it to work, but how does that help? Explain?


With trading drafts, one person codes on a project, then publishes. There are two things you can do to give the draft to another person.

1) Get the link to the project, then post it on the forum for the other person to see and get.

2) Keep the project on the hopscotch profile until the other person sees it and gets the link themselves.

Then you put that project you got the link to back in your drafts just in case.

When the other person gets the project, they start working on it, and then they give the link back to the first person!


Hmm, seems simple enough, but if one person goes away without saying anything for some reason, then the other is stuck? And the only other way to get "unstuck" is to continue themselves on the last traded draft? How about trading drafts with more than one person?


Basically. As you said, the person who still has the updated draft can still work on it themselves.

Trading drafts with more than one person? Hmm.

Well, you just do the same thing! But instead of giving it back and forth, you're kind of giving it in a circle or something.


Ok, I think I got it. Thanks so much!


Yeah, no problem! Glad to help.


another good idea is to pit it in the filter.