How do some users have two accounts?


I've seen some users that have two accounts...
How does this happen?

I tried making another one myself, but it didn't work, instead it said that email is taken. It would be REALLY nice if you guys would help.
And if one of you guys had a second account, that would be great if you could tell me.

Thank you!
Did you think it was going to be long, Nya?



Maybe use a throw away email or another email? :D

I used both lol



I'll do that.


yeah, use pingy's advice. i have like a lot


Oh yeah, almost forgot! Make sure you can remember the passwords because I forgot Anonymous_Other's XD


Luckily, I have a setting where every time I enter in a username the iPad mini remembers, it autofills the password in for me.
And yay, I created the account!


I just press the skip button on the email part and write down my password to remember it.


This is for forum accounts isn't it. :sweat_smile:

Just ingnore everything in this comment before this sentence! Thanks!


Some people use disposable emails or they have diffrent emails!