How do sine and cosine work


I'm having trouble with understanding sine and cosine. Can someone help me?


I think @PopTart0219 can help you!


@KVJ can help! He rocks at sin/cosine!


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Just do this! And only type letters!

< jsjsjsjsjsjddj sham >

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@Gilbert189 taught me


So @Gilbert189 or @Stradyvarious can u help me?


Yeah, just give me a second to find the tutorial I posted! :slight_smile:




Thanks! But I'd not be very well helpful :joy:




did you get to a tutorial? Or do you still want help with CoSine (Cos and Sine)?


How to use sins & cos in Hopscotch:

First, you put in set x position to cos, and y to sin.
Then you have 3 blanks in the x, and y places.The first blank in the x place is how far you want the object from its center.
The second blank is the angle or how fast you want it to rotate around the center. Use a value for this, and in a separate rule make the value increase or decrease for however long you want it to.
The third blank is its center x position. It could be anything e.g. 500.

Same goes for the y blanks

I think that @t1_hopscotch wrote this...


Thx soooo much guys!


So I tried to do it but I can't get the value to be a speed. How do I do that


Nvm I was looking at the wrong place