How do sine and cos work



ive seen sine and cos art and tried my own… lets just say it doesn’t work how can you make good, working sine & cos art? Thanks!:laughing:


Hello! First you need to learn sine and cosine before creating art


Hello! no you dont lol

To make art with them you don’t really have to understand them. the first blank is for how far from the center you want the line to go, second slot is a variable, and the third one is the center.


Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you need any more help just use the search icon on the forum and search there. Loads of people struggle or have struggled to learn CoSine (including me) so there’re plenty more explanations and help!
Anything specific, feel free to ask me.


I find that really hard to believe bc you’re like the CoSine master.


This is the second time today that you said the same thing that I was going to say…


XD I’m a mind reader.


Lol no thats @DMF not me. And i genuinely have struggled sooo much.