How do projects get on:🔥



I don't get it! Do the projects that get on the fire tab get on there because they are played most often or because of likes? There are millions of projects that have 500+ likes and aren't on there! I'm confused! Someone please help!


If you look at all the other topics about this tab, you would find that no one really knows what this is, but it is filled with hopscotches most popular projects, so really, the only way to get on it is making a memorable, fantastic project. But of course, no one knows what it is, and the hopscotch team seems to be keeping it a little secret.


I thought about it and this is what it is and this is what I think it is:
:fire: As you all know this emoji means fire right? and fire means hot and hot it also means popular so the :fire: emoji should mean popular projects right? Well this is what l think but l'am not sure.


:fire:probably mean what. You thought is maybe :fire:is for popular project


I think it's people's most legend-wait for it-dary (respect if you get that) or most well-known projects. I'm on it twice whit some of my most popular projects. it also might be some of the hopscotch team's favorite project of all time.


Who are you in Hopscotch?


Yeah I totally agree


I'm SUPERSWAGGY88. the projects are tennis and volleyball