How do people make moving avatars on the forum?


I don't get how people make moving avatar on the Hopacotch Forum. Could someone please tell me?


You just find them on the Internet and upload them as a photo :wink:


Thank you! But how? Do you need to go to a specific website?


no, if on an iPad, you tap the photo, then press and hold it. then it says save video. then, your done!


Nope! You can just search gifs if whatever on the Internet, save image, and them upload them here! You may use a website if you want though! I just use google!


Ok thanks, I might think about it.


Yeah, there's a topic for this if you need more help. I'll go find it...


I could make you a moving emoji


No I customise them :slight_smile:


You upload them as normal images. The file format is .GIF.


If it's not to hard then sure.


Do you know what website to go to?


Thank you for everyone that helped, I found some online. Some may not work. I also have some more.


I think you just can search for free gif images on google.


That's what I did, here are some more