How Do People make huge objects (in the editor)?



How do you open the JSON file? I’m getting really confused…


I’ll get more when I can.

It depends on if you have a computer or not. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it to a .txt file on an iPad. If you could do that, you’d be able to open it in pages. Each project file is basically a whole bunch of text, which if you can edit will change the project.


Oh. well okay.


Base Object Scale: Characters, maybe shapes
Font Size: Self explanatory, smaller text size allows for longer lines, larger allows for better quality
Images: Each image has its own size specification


Yes, that’s what I thought. (Images)

I know that base object scale does not resize shapes.


Very odd… let me check a draft right now…


Shapes are like images, each one has its own specific width and height


I thought that was for all characters now. Try Monkey.


Another thing about that is that I actually had to make the font size much smaller in that project, and it still was too big.


I don’t have that on hand, sorry. I have used BaseObjectScale with a characters-only scene once, and it affected all of them. I also believe that the character did not have its own width and height in the JSON


Hm. I’ll check right now, Monkey has width. It’s 150. Base object scale changes that.


How odd, it does have individual width and height. I think this may have had to do with something in the past, and THT just left both things here


Actually, the base object scale on that project is low. It still works, width and height are for set width and height.


No, definitely not. Well, maybe. Actually, idk now…

I didn’t play the project, but maybe the width and height are all new. (Yes I think they are all new as I haven’t seen them before Set W/H update). But I believe BaseObjectScale was used with iPhone projects when the editor first expanded platforms, but not 100% sure


They are new. They first appeared after that, I noticed it a while ago.
Not sure when’s baseobjectscale was added.


Yeah, I definitely remember not seeing width and height before. BaseObjectScale was always a thing though, and they probably abandoned it before shapes were added (this is back in mid 2015 I believe)


Possibly. Yes, I remember always seeing baseobjectscale, but only recently seeing width and height.




Baseobjectscale doesn’t seem to affect width and height of objects, but it does change their size.


YEs, that’s what I was trying to say, thank you.