How Do People make huge objects (in the editor)?



Here are some pictures of me doing it


What device are you on?




Oh. I pinched that plenty of times. I already know XD.


Oh, that’s not the editor we were thinking of, it’s the thumbnail editing screen. We were thinking the editor with the objects.


@tankt2016 is right XD


Ohh…, I understand. GTG byeee


Ohh. Yeah I know how to do that I though you meant you could zoom on the editor…


No. What you do need is something that can either change .hopscotch files into something you can edit in a text editor, or a text editor that can open them. There may be a website like that, but you’d also need to save it and replace the original file. I’ll make my topic screenshots on a computer, just because I have a bunch of json projects there. (Including

, since I made it)

You can’t resize it that way.

That’s the thumbnail, it will only effect the screenshot and not do anything to the project itself.


Could you show me through pictures. I’m just confused.


I’ll make a topic with pictures changing the stage size soon. Here are the project files seen from an ithingy.


Ohhhhh, I seeeee! Thanks!


Okay. I will try…


Can you tag me when you make the topic?


Sure! It’ll be a while, I can’t use the computer right now.


If you want to look at the json of a project, this link takes you to one. It’s not very readable though.


How do I edit the json file? Or… I am I confused…


Wow. That is really really confusing…


To edit it, you need to open it in a text editor. Then save it, and make sure the modified version has the exact same name as the original. Then replace the old one with the modified one, if necessary.

It’s easier to keep track of if you have it pretty printed, or use a website like


I’ll try… but I need more pics…