How Do People make huge objects (in the editor)?



Recently I’ve been see projects like the city pixel art that has super size objects but regular sized editor. How?


I don´t know exactly what you mean as I haven´t seen the projects that you are talking about. Can you post a link to one of them?


Like this one:, look in the editor


Idk. Maybe @Petrichor might know.


Yeah, it’s really weird. @Petrichor we need help!


Aha, okay. I am not on my iPad right now, but have you asked @SarcasticTvHead?


Nope, but I will… tagged.


I think what you mean is when they post it they pinch the editor to make it bigger. @BumpSplatGaming.Co is that what you mean?


They’re directly modifying the project’s json data


It’s a smaller stage. The objects are regular size. You can edit the stage size from the json file of a project.
I’ll make a topic about it, I can’t seem to find anything already on the forum on how to do it.


You can also change the size of objects if you want a regular sized editor.

There’s the base object scale, which is everything’s except shapes, text, and maybe images.

There’s also the font size, which is text and maybe shapes.


Do you need a PC to edit JSON file?


Pinch the editor? Can you do that?


Yes, did you not know that?


Nope. So when your in the editor you just pinch to zoom.


Hmmmm… Pinching in the editor… I will try it.


Yeah @BumpSplatGaming.Co and @ChickenProductions7


Hmmmm… I just tried it. Is it part of a new update?


Cause it did not work…


Yeah. Didn’t work for me either.