How do members without regular badge do this?


I want to have my name like this for example..


It's a special thing called a title. They earned them in contests hosted by mods


You have to win it or become leader


Even people with the Reg badge can't do it :D

Mods only give titles on special occasions, like becoming a leader, holidays, contests be mods, etc :D when your a regular u can manually set your title to 'regular' like mine :D but mods don't take title requests, that one was given to SA for a holiday called DOS :D

If you want one you need to win a mods contest (there's not one currently) becoming a leader which will take a long time, or just get one on a special day!


I got
One from


I never thought of these titles as much but that's very interesting!


I wish I'd got one on my 13th b day


Yes because Regulars not being able to do it is good

I get your point in which we're all in the same boat but I just had to point that out lolololololololol


Is that app called explain everything by any chance?