HOW do I use this


Ok please help me use this thing


use what thing?


It’s not that hard. I don’t see why people struggle with it, I learned quickly.


Are you talking about the forum, or hopscotch?


I believe the forum.


Yeah she is


Ok, well then give us a specific topic, and maybe we can help you understand it better.


It’s making my replies get approved so you’re gonna see this in like 10 hours


Ok so try with a darker colour and put it onto layer mode colour burn or something like that (not colour dodge tho)


I am nobody


It does that because you’re new.

Also, if you ever need help or just want to vent/chat tag me like this @MK0825

I’d be glad to talk


It only did that on my first 24 hours here
It stopped doing that tho




Hello! Can you read this? If you can, good for you!


I can read it
Next time do this a lot
It’s < sub>


Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum!

Here are some useful links I put together!
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Original post:
HOW do I use this by trustfalls
Ok please help me use this thing


How could you read it?


it’s you




Hello @AwesomeNachos.

If you have a question about the forum, make a new topic. I may know the answer.


By hacking you
Just kidding