How do I use this

I come from hopscotch, I’m Ilovepie🍰 and oof I have no idea how this works. Can someone helppp


Use @discobot’s tutorial.

Just go like this: @discobot stat new user.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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He’ll show you the basics and such.

Tag me as @AwesomeNachos if you need some more help!

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Hi @Ilovepie !

Happy to see you here!!!

I don’t know how to explain how to use this though…


ohhhhh okay thanks! and heyo STvH, I didn’t know you used the forum lol

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I’ve announced it a few times, but you just might not pay attention cause sometimes my account is just drama lol

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Oof you’re probably right


Hello and welcome to the forum! Here, you can meet other Hopscotchers and talk about Hopscotch. There are topics, which have a specific subject. The top post tells you want it is about. These are some topics:

As you can see, topics can discuss all sorts of things and can be about different things. If you want to tell/ask something that there isn’t already a topic for, create a new one. But make sure that you don’t duplicate topics! That’s why we have this handy magnifying glass in the top right corner :slight_smile:

And this is a post. If you want to say something on a topic that it relevant, you can post a post (it’s also called a “Reply”). Just tap the “Reply” button in the bottom of a topic or on another post if you are talking to a specific user. Don’t forget that everyone can see your posts, so always be kind and awesome!

There are some helpful guidelines here that is written by @Liza from THT (The Hopscotch Team):

And if you want to post your drawings, this topic is great:

I hope that you have fun on the forum! Just type like this: @William04GamerA in a post or topic if you ever need help or just want to talk! That will send me a notification so that I can help you! Welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the help!!


Welcome to the forum! Tag me if you have any questions or concerns, and I will always be here i help!!

If you want to tag, just put the @ sign before any username.

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