How do I use Sin and Cos?


Hi everyone, it's TAKEASELFIE :information_desk_person:🏽:calling: and I just got a forum account. I have a HUGE question and am hoping someone can answer it. I really badly want to know how to use sin and cos or sine and cosine. Thxs!

Can someone explain Sin and Cos on hopscotch to me?

You will learn this stuff in like 9th grade math maybe talk to your mom about it I may to her to see if she can explain it to me!


Thanks for the help Huggingfluffybear! I will ask my mom, but she's no so good with stuff like this. I may ask my dad or teacher (they know more about smart stuff!):slightly_smiling:


Oh okay! I would ask my mom since she is my teacher I homeschool!


So cool! Thanks again!


No problem and good job on your first post!


Well, it's really complicated. My dad taught me it; unfortunately if you want to know the real definition, you need to know what a hypotenuse and whatnot is. Let's just say it is related to trigonometry. In HS, sine and cosine is supposed to control the rotation around a certain text object, so it makes a more smoother rotation than using x and y.

I have no idea if you understand :sweat_smile: ... so I'll get you a picture of the format.

This is @Kiwicute2016's project... it helped me understand sin and cosine. It reeeeeally helps!


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It is geometry, Sin or Sine is the opposite divieded by the hypotenuse Cos or Cosine is adjacent divieded by the hypotenuse. There is also the tangent which is the opposite over the adjacent


Are you in Elementar.y school, Middle, or High?
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Middle, just know stuff


I'm in the 5th Grade! Which is considered Lower school.


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Which then has a relationship with the Pythagorean Theorem that states A squared plus b squared equals c squared (Mostly to do with right-Angled triangles