How do I use Hopscotch?


I am familiar with other coding languages, but how do I use Hopscotch?

Also, by the way, happy Independence day.


Have you downloaded the app and made an account ? :3

If you did, there'/ some videos that THT gives us so that we can understand how to code! :3

It gives us details of how to code many different things. :D

There's also many topics on here that help us understand how to use HS more efficiently, I can get some links if you want c:

Welcome to the forum! :3

Happy Independence Day! :3



By the way, what does ":3" mean?


Welcome to the fourm and hopscotch! Remember to stay on topic and have fun! On the app there are tutorials that will help you learn how to use hopscotch! Enjoy!

P.S. Happy Independence Day!:wink:


@Rawrbear says its a buttface :3 but really idk


It's just an emoticon made out of text, made to look like a face. :sweat_smile:

Welcome! :D


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welcome to he forum @Mandy


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, type @William04GamerA at the forum and I will help!


Welcome to the forum!

Try looking in others' code by tapping a project and tapping "See Code", or whatever is in the top right corner. XD

XD means laughing. XD


Welcome! Out of curiosity, what other languages do you have experience with?


happy cat face'''''''''':3
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I'm familiar with Java, Javascript, HTML, and Objective C. When I heard of Hopscotch, I decided I might want to try it.


check out the official hopscotch youtube (tap/click the blue text) for some tutorials!


Welcome to Hopscotch and the Forum!!
A great way to learn about Hopscotch is to go to the Hopscotch Blog. First go into the app, and then...

Then scroll down until you find the coding help. I'm @happyfacegirl by the way, nice to meet you @Mandy!!


Thanks! I've seen your account on Hopscotch, and I'm a big fan!

Now, I'll take a look at some projects' code, maybe that'll help me figure Hopscotch...


Aw, thanks!

Watching the videos are a great start, you can find them after you hit the "+" tab! You can also play the levels! Scroll down the tab section on the top left of the screen, and tap "Levels"! You'll find some pretty simple challenges that teach you about each block! :D


I'll take a look!

Also, how do you do the smiley text emoji? It keeps turning into an Apple emoji.


Ah, it's a simple little HTML trick! :D

Basically, you can hide text by putting stuff like this:

<Here is some text that would be hidden! It's hidden as long as it starts with a letter.>

You just insert that between the : and the D! :D

You'll also have limited replies on your first day- that's because the forum doesn't trust you yet. (It's automated.) Once you're a bit more active and read some posts, you'll have unlimited posts. :D


Welcome to the forum :D
I'd say the videos are good to watch as a start (as Gilbert and Maletese said).
t1 has made a great Hopscotch tutorial that you can check out, even though it's a bit old :D