How do I use Check Once If/Else?



I don't get it. What does Else mean?


Check once if else means,

if the value equals the number, then do whatever is inside the little box

And if the value does not equal the number
then do whatever is in that box

You'll find use for this block a lot because short story long, it means if the value is equal to a certain number, it should do this, and if the value equals ANYTHING ELSE than do the other thing.

Hope this helps and if you have any more questions just ask

-Cherry Cupcake


For more, here's a great video on If Else!






Yeah, btw can you do me a favor


Sure, what is it


Can you make a "poster" or whatever you can for this song? Listen to the whole thing first, and maybe an action or nature preview would be nice.
First, I have to give you the draft. (I'm hopscotchifying one part of it)

Is it possible to do this?

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When you mean "the draft" what do you mean?
Also I can do this
It should be coded or drawn?


I am hopscotchifying this piece, and I have a draft in my drafts. (Mind blown)
I mean, if you can, text art is ok.

Tell me when you are ok and I'll publish it


So sort of a nature scene?
Will be ready when you reply back to this


Ok. Delete the slideshow if you must, I branched this from my Beethoven remix


Kk, so, when I've added everything, you'll do the rest of the music?



P.s. It doesn't have to be a Mona Lisa, just anything is fine. Don't want to bother your art requests! :wink:


I've been wanting to do a nature text art scene for a while, this shall be my canvas
As for requests, I was just bored :stuck_out_tongue:


Ill make a topic on this so we don't get flagged