How do I start?



What do you have to do?


Welcome to the forum! Here, we ask questions, get help, and make collabs! If you want to know the mechanics of the forum, here it is:
Search bar is where you look up topics in which you need to see
If it's not there, then you're in luck! Press the button ask a question and make a topic with your idea or question or collab!
Happy coding!


Welcome to the forum! A few pointers to get you started:
•Don't give out personal info
•Be nice
•Stay On Topic (you may hear the term GBOT, it means get back on topic)
•Be helpful!
As a new user, your replies will be limited so use them wisely!


Welcome to the forum! You should check out the community guidelines.


Welcome to the forum as a new user you will

Advance up into regular

And be nice

Be helpful

Don't give full nam.e school adres.s ect


You may. If you keep at it, of course. And not all people are nice, but they should be.


Is this a picture of you, please delete it! It's not safe!


Is this a pic of you? If so remove it because it could cause kidnappers at your door I am not kidding!


I flagged it already it fine


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