How do I start my own coding group?


How can I start my own coding group?


ok um make a collab account
on the forum tell them the password
Code together


You can make up some rules, a plan, write some information and then make a topic here at the forum or on Hopscotch advertising your collab/group.


Here is an example of a current collab group: Pass Along Collabers (Fresh and new!)


I am not sure if this is the answer you are looking for, but you cannot make groups on the forum physically anymore. However, as mentioned you can create a topic and tag list and go from there!


Ok,but how do I make a collab account?


You can just make another account and share the password with the people in the collab :slight_smile:


Why do we have tell the password?


So others could log into the account if you want them to. Otherwise you can have people remix a project with the work they made, then you remix it back.


Ok.So that means make another account.tell the password,make some rules,and you have a coding group?


Yup. But since the forum is public, and the whole world can see it, you might want to temporarily post the password on your Hopscotch account. After the people in your collab confirm they saw it, you can delete it so only the people in your collab know the password.


Thanks a lot,Jedi4Jesus!


@WynterDiamond,you have your own collab group,right?Can I join it,for now?


Yes, you can join! Have you read the rules and everything? I’ll add you to the list.


Yep.I did!I would love to make projects as a part of a team


Okay cool :slight_smile:
I’m going to have discobot pick a random number and just insert you there.


Ok!the number represents who joined first,second and third and so on,right?


Not so much, I just picked the numbers at random. They represent who will remix first, second, etc. :slight_smile:


Ok,should I remix the project that you made?


You’re 11th, so you will remix at the end of everyone else. Currently, NindroidGames is going to remix off of Gobli.