How do I put values in a color?


The title says it all. Please help me or I won't be able to make a drawing pad for the summer contest!


First like!

You can do this by dragging out a wait block, and in the wait block put random(value to value). Then drag the random block into the colour section


I didn't know that this option is available for colours.


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Hi @GoldenSun! Welcome to the forum! :D To get a value in a color, tap the three lines then chose your value. Also, feel free to tag me any time you need anything. :D


Oh you can use values in the HSB/Argb Blocks too…


Welcome to the forum @GoldenSun! Oh quick question, how is you name grey like that?


Just copy the value and paste it into the colour field. :D


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People's usernames are that colour until they earn the 'Basic' badge. :D


Just click on one of the bubbles and scroll until you find your value.


Thank you guys! I am not new to the forum, though. I have a guess who topic! Also, is it the same thing for leave a trails?


Probably :wink: and I know you now :0000


...You do >:3.

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I thought it already ended...
Did they make another one?


Not over yet! Still a little more time left I think;)


Well I remember someone on that topic saying 'Don't mean to brag, but yay! I won!'.


What ended?

I'm a noob aren't i?


That's probably a different topic, the annual summer contest doesn't end until tonight. :0


I thought the summer contest ended. The one that's pinned