How do i put gif's?!


I wanna put gifs on hs forum, but I have NO IDEA HOW! Can anyone help??


Hi, kawaiirose.. Like ur poll


Save a GIF from the internet and then upload it like it's a picture. Hope this helps!


Welcome to HF!
When u wanna upload a gif or photo, press the upload button, which looks like an arrow. Press it, then press the gif. The gif won't move in the photo album, but when u upload, it will! Hope this helped!


Ohh ok how exactly do i save


Search Gif. If you're on an iPad, press and hold on the picture and press save.


U press and hold the gif, then press save to camera


Dang u beat me x3


Its just like uploading a picture!


:0000000 u are trying to cheer dudey up, arent u!! StarryDream's profile pic looked like dat too!!!!


Like this:

Btw this is just for an example XD


Kind of, kind of no. I did wanna cheer up Dudey, but I also rlly liked the pro pic. It was funny! XD


Ohh ok grrrrr its not working


Wow 5 minutes and everyones gone