How do I put an something animated in my profile picture?


Hi guys! So I’ve seen lots of people putting GIFs and stuff on their pfps so today I just wanted to ask you guys how you do it!



You upload a gif to your profile picture




Hold Down on the image and then if you have a kindle press save image as then press at bottom open then download to photos hope that made since also idk how to do it on a apple device


The same way you upload a jpeg


It’s the same way that you upload a normal picture. If you have gifs saved into your camera roll (from google, etc), then you just upload it the same way.


You have to use a file in a .gif format. Most images are in a file format of either .JPEG or .PNG. There are lots of file formats, and you can find gif files online by doing a quick Google search or making one yourself. Most .gif files doesn´t move in the camera roll if you save it on an iOS device, but it will move after you upload it to the forum.


I use Android for the forum. Now what???


Same process as uploading a jpeg


K I wil try to upload a gif to my pfp.


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Upload a .gif file to your profile picture. But please search before you post.


It would be the same process as when you upload an image from your Android to the forum.
Look here for more info (go to “Method 2”):


Yay! I did it! :smile: Booyah!


Thanks so much! The problem was that I thought that you cannot save GIFs to your device soo…


Ok. -_- Thank you for your time to type this but I really needed it urgently. Not everyone gets time to search the whole forum to see if it’s a duplicate topic.

By the way, people were very helpful on this topic, so please try not to post something quite unuseful.


Okay. Did you get it to work now?


Yeh! Tysm! I can also now edit my profile too! (Idek why I’m exaggerating it like it’s a great accomplishment :neutral_face: lol )


That’s great and I’m happy to help.