How do I publish to my crew?

I am a teacher working with Hopscotch for Schools. I created a crew for my students. When I try to publish a project, I don't see any options to add it to my crew. When I'm in the home screen, there is no button to add a project to it, though it tells me "No members have published yet, be the first!". How do I publish to my crew?



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I wouldn't be able to know how to fix that, thus I am not a teacher. I think that you should ask one of the Hopscotch Team's members. Anyways, welcome to the forum!


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(I have not used the Hopscotch School Edition, much less the teacher's view of the app, but I'm assuming that the screen looks similar to a student's view)

In the home screen, should be a large green button on the dock (at the bottom of the screen) that has a white plus sign on it. Press this, and you can create a project.

Projects contain code, as you probably know, and I won't get into how to make code in the project.

When you want to publish your finished project, first make sure you're in the Play mode (when the code plays). A large "Publish" button will appear in the upper-left corner.

Then, I believe there's an option to publish to your crew.


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If you have set up a crew and joined that crew then anything you publish should be visible to your crew.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and advice! I have published my first project a couple hours ago, but it still isn’t showing up in our Crew space. Hopefully someone from the @staff can help.

Thanks again!


I don't know, but I do know that even when I joined the version wasn't that old!
(I joined July 2015)

hmm...I just looked into your account. Is there any chance you published that project before you joined the crew? Otherwise this might be an indication of an issue on our end that you might be able to help us identify and solve :slight_smile:

I went in and changed the metadata on that project you published so it should now appear in your crew. Could you confirm that it does?

Can you then try publishing another project and let me know if it shows up or not?



Hi @thomas, thanks for your help! I created the crew before I published the project. I am now able to see my first project in my crew space, but I cannot see the second project that I just published.

Let me know how I can help get this solved!


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Maybe it gets stuck in the filter?

Your project might get stuck in the filter if it contains bad words or insulting words


Thanks for the tip, @kenlauescuadro. As a teacher, I definitely don't use
bad or insulting words with my students. My two example projects are very
simple and don't contain any text (just character actions).


Thanks, Mrventures for your help. So sorry about this bug!

It looks like there's a bug that prevents you from publishing if you start a crew with an account that was created in the regular Hopscotch app. We're looking into it and hope to have it fixed ASAP!


Hey Mr. Ventures,

I think I've figured out the issue. Did you create your Hopscotch account on the regular app?

We only use the crews for users who are within the edu app and currently that means users who created their accounts on the edu app. I updated the info for your account so it can publish into crews in the future. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention, let me know if it's fixed.


Wow you guys are very fast at like solving problems Senpais tht is like totes cool swag rather

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Yes - in fact I did create my account in the regular app to try it out before buying the School app, was happy so purchased the School app (for my students too), signed in with my account, and created the crew.

I just created a 2nd test project, published it, and it appeared immediately in my crew space. Looks like it's fixed (for me)! Thanks for the speedy work and for everyone else's advice!