How do I post GIFs? And other gif questions


The title says it all, how? Also, how do I use a GIF as my profile picture? Thanks!


You can save them as photos!

And change your profile picture as you would with a normal photo!
And post gifs the same way you post photos!

Though they don't move in your photos, they move on teh forums!


First, find a gif. :0

Second, save the gif!


(Press on the desired gif, and then tap Save Image)

When it's in your camera roll, it won't be animated, but once you use it, it will be!


Click that

Search up (something) gifs

Now save it!

tap dat


@smishsmash, @SmilingSnowflakes, @MrHotdog64 - Thanks!


Yay it worked! Thanks!


Yay Frenpai RedPinEPerry had GIFS!!!!!!