How do I paste a picture on this?!?


I have a question and I took a pic of it but I don't get how to paste a pic on this! I just signed in and got started can you help me?


Hi @Hoppertoscotch first of all welcome to the forum :blush:

If you're on a computer, you should just be able to directly paste your picture into the text box by right-clicking and selecting "Paste" once you've copied your picture. Or you could just drag your picture onto the text box to paste it in.

If you're on your iPad, here's a great tutorial by @PrettyBallerina on how to add images:


Thank you SOOOOO much!!!! Let me try with a pic of my cat! (I know, random)


You're welcome :smile: Glad it worked. Just make sure you don't post unrelated or random posts on the forum, since this is where we talk about Hopscotch, and not really our pets :blush: You can have a read of the forum Community Guidelines by clicking here.


Well I haven't taken many pics of hopscotch yet so I just tested with a pic of my cat because he was the first thing in my mind.:sweat_smile:


That's okay. Just a little reminder for the future that's all :blush:


Well thanks for the reminder!


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