How do I make this?



Okay, so there are these fancy mathematical backgrounds going around (like this)

And they also usually have really advanced formulas (also like this)

But I could only find one, and I want to learn how to make them! I’d also like to see other projects like that! Please help me find this :blush:


Those backgrounds are really cool, but sadly I don’t know how to make them. I can help you find others like that one, though.

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People just put random stuff in that.


OH, WOW.I wish I could help but- whoever coded that looks like Albert Einsteins’s twin sister!
I don’t know how to code this- but I have some suggestions.
Start coming simple backgrounds only with a few variables and all the challenging stuff that keeps Hopscotchers banging their heads against walls. LOL.
When you got some of the easy-ish stuff down look at other backgrounds Hopscotchers made and try to memorize the code. I’m not saying totally copy it- use all of the information and change colors, numbers and sizes to make it more unique.
Do this whole thing a couple of times making it more challenging and you could code something like that.
I do all of this a lot because I went from a simple Icecream Maker Project consisting of a normal quality to getting used to variables and positions.


These things looks amazing! I agree, Its hard to code. But the thing is, Every spot on the screen has a certain colour, So they make the colours the X and Y positions.


These backgrounds are often really complicated and unfortunately backgrounds isn’t what I am best at doing.


It’s actually not that complicated.
Usually the formulas you are talking about is just a result of randomly tapping different math blocks and inserting X and Y pos.

Then there’s also the matter of actually drawing all pixels. Would you like to know how to do that?


Ooh! I think I may have invented those.

It’s actually very simple. You have a text object in the bottom corner (0,0), and you make clones of it going up the y axis. Then you have each clone:

Repeat 500
Draw HSB(X*Y,100,100)
Move forward 2

You can replace X*Y with whatever formulas you want - you can get good results just by randomly making formulas, although in my projects I hid some nods to famous formulas and theorems :slight_smile:


Use this template.

Go into the second rule, clone code; put in random math blocks and self X and self Y in most of the slots for HSB.

Here’s a really simple example.
Feel free to play around with it.

This one’s slightly more complicated.

Try editing stuff.


That’s actually a really good template, @IShallNotBeNamed!


I modified it a little.