How do I make the title of a topic invisible?



Ok. You know those topics where the title is invisible? Yeah. I don’t know how to do that
@Petrichor I think you know how.
I searched ths up and don’t find a thing on this. Just tell me how. I’m just curious!
TY in advance.


It is just Bad CSS with the new forum update. But if you want to get rid of the title, use 20 “invisible separators”
If you want me to get rid of the title, just reply with an “ok”


Nope, that’s not how you do it, I don’t think. If it works, that’s cool but the way people normally do it is unread.

You just add the word “unread” into the topic title and it disappears

But like @Awesome_E said, it’s the CSS that makes this possible, and it can be annoying at times so it’s not the best thing for new users to be learning


I said get rid of, I knew that was different


Use blank characters. For example:
(Highlight the space above)


I know that character trick


I don’t know if it will work, though, because I haven’t tried it before


It does fulfill twenty characters, and I don’t think titles need a “clear body”
nvm the title needs to “be clear”


Ok, let me try it on hyperlinks
Tap down here
Nope, still directs you


Unless this works

Can you click now?


Yeah I can’t but it doesn’t satisfy the 20 character rule


If you put 20 invis characters it does


Tap here ^^ Nope, still directs you


Why does yours have spaces between? You can’t click on mine


Oh whoops you’re right sorry
You could use hyperlinks, but will they show up as blank on a title screen? Maybe the < > rule works, I think it’s much easier.


I’ve been wondering that too. Not because I want to do this with any topic, but I’m just wondering in general.