How Do I Make Profile Pictures Move?


How Do You Make Your Profile Pictures Move? I Tried Putting A GIF, But It Still Won't Move. What Do I Have To Do To Make It Move?

Help me with this!

Are you sure it was a gif my profile pic is one to why don't you search up gifs there problem solved


I Searched For Pusheen GIFs, Made SureIt Was Moving And I Tried It Already. It Still Doesn't Work.


Why don't you try this one for now and I will try the other ones


Not every thing you want can be on the internet why don't you do a another gif instead


Yay I found one here it is is that a pusheen?


Yep. I'll Try It Now.


I Don't Think It's Moving.....


Never mind. I'll Just Leave It As My Halloween Logo. Thanks For Your Help! You Are Very Friendly! :wink:


I'm not sure if you know this but GIF files don't appear as moving in your camera roll


That's true... u will need to set as profile pic first for it to move!


I'm glad to help but they don't move in your camera roll you need to set it as a profile picture and thanks for calling me friendly!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I think you have to do it on a computer.


You don't and why did you spam like me?


To share the love.

It's nice to spamlike.


Okay me spam like you for like um 30 mins be back soon


Search up GIFs and then press and hold down until an option comes up where it says like save to photo library or save image or something like that. Click that, so it should save into your camera roll. Then come into the forum and change your profile pic of that picture and it should start moving. Hope this helped!


Wait you have a featured what is it!


The 'HSB 3D Draw By WaffleBun'. It's Quite Far Down.


How Exactly Do You Set It As Profile Picture Without Saving It?