How do I make pixel art? 2



i just started today here in Hopscotch and… I don’t even know what to do now XD


Welcome to the forum!


Hello and welcome to the forum! Do you want to do some kind of pixel art (because that is what the title says)?


Welcome to the forum! Check #faq for info on the forum.
But by that statement, do you mean your new to the app and here or just the app?
Also idk how to do pixel art either


yea, like turn a non…ish looking pixeled image to A pixel image…ig XD


Many people use an app called “Pixel stitch” to make pixel art templates. Try to use that! :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome to the forum! I reccomend you check out the category Frequently Asked Questions, there are tons of questions and answers there for you!


welcome to the forum, you better check faq for info on the forum. And if the question in the title is still actual you may check editing sites or programs to do so. There are plenty of possibilities on the internet.