How do I make music using the wait block?


I want to make some “popular music” on hopscotch but I’m having a hard time with the waiting/pauses in the music. Any advice?


This should help you:


Hm… you may have to experiment a little. You don’t have use wait blocks you can type it into the wait on the side of the music block. If this helps 1000 milliseconds= 1 sec 2000 milliseconds= 2 sec extra. If you need more help with this please @ me.


It’s actually 1000ms = 1 second


My brother thinks it’s 100 and I’m like ‘I use milliseconds all the time. You’re wrong.’

He is also wrong on saying the plural of Lego is Legos. It’s not. It’s Lego. Almost everyone in the world says it wrong.