How do I make drawing pads with multiple colors?


I've tried to look at other codes and make a drawing pad with multiple colors and it never works

I need a simple explanation on how to do this magic :grimacing:


BTW I know how to use last touch x & y.


I have made a post click the link to check it here click here

or just watch my video right here it's pretty much the same!


Here is a really simple way WITHOUT custom colors. Do you know about each color's number? If not, each color has a number, the dark purple 0, going all the way up to 23. Once you know all of the numbers code, then follow these instructions.

On the "pen" put this code in. And you can put any size you like in the width box.

Then use this code on the buttons for the drawing pad. Set the value to the color's corresponding number. sorry the photo didn't upload so I just typed the code
Set value (color) to the color's corresponding number.
Repeat that process until you have done all the color's.


Thx so much!! This was a lot more simple than I thought!
btw the photo did upload


thx squishy! really helped me, because I want to make a drawing pad with Strawberry Studios, my partner.



Welcome to the forums! @MeowingMandarin8 I see the forum are already proving useful!