How do I make an object collide with an object?

To be more specific, how do I make an object be able to stand on, or hit an object? I’ve tried checking if the object is above, next to, or below, and then stopping the object from going through it, but I couldn’t get it working. I’ve also tried using two variables called Floor and Ceiling, and letting the objects themselves do the work of setting it (basically checking if it’s above or below the object). It works for the most part, but when I tried putting one above another, it ended up making the object fall through both. Any way to do it without bugs?


You could check out @Spy_Guy_96’s templates on HS. They have both basic collision for platforms, and tiles that interact (“collide”) with each other.


Or you could use my rotational collision code
If you need something more advanced
And if you need 3D collision I can link my wip Minecraft


dont you mean the our collision code (meme aside i did do it first but ypurs is great and 3d block collisions work wondetfully and i love them alot)
download (19)

download (20)

Wait you did?
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