How do I make a variable decrease even when the project isn't open



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It’s just basically divide but the output is the remainder


Modulo is very helpful when making buttons with options that cycle.

This website helped me a lot


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WOW. too hard for me, guess I’ll just make it work just when game is open


You’d need a way to save variables then. You can’t do that, so it won’t work anyway.


Yeah, you’re right, it won’t work anyways


COAN’s project also stops when app is exited, but you can do this:

  1. Use “Detect a Close” code to detect a close
  2. Calculate and Recalculate timestamp (have a pause/load screen when exit)
  3. Use the difference to subtract health


The WaitTilTimestamp block can be accessed in a JSON file draft. JSON File draft also includes a delete clone method.


This is really hard. Things like “cloud variables” (like you can find in Scratch) would really help. You could try to implement some kind of system with “save codes”, which I have already done in a project. Here is the one that I’m talking about:

My approach makes it pretty easy to figure out how to hack the game though.


Great site, thanx for recommending it