How do I make a variable decrease even when the project isn't open



I’m trying to do a game like pou (I bet all of you know it!), where, when time passes, your hunger amount starts getting higher, but I believe I need to include a clock code in the game to make it work!


Wow that was quick


@Petrichor uses a hidden block called the WaitTilTimestamp block, but idk how to get it, ask him maybe?


So like the exact time?


Yes, but not that exact, just the minutes and hours


I’m going to post a wip…

  1. Find out the set speed block for the time rate of 60 seconds per minute
  2. Make a clock out of shapes, numbers, etc.
  3. Make your click hand move

The time rate of 60 should be a variable, so you can use a variable to get the hand to move


I got something similar.


Ah ok IDK how to do that****


Just use a time passed variable for each stat and reset when filled


You don’t need a timestamp for something like that.
You could code

Repeat Forever
Wait (5000) milliseconds
Increase (Health) by -1


Here’s the wip,


Yeah but I want it to work still the game is not opened


The h e c k is this? Lol confused


So you will lose health while the game is paused (not opened)?


Yeah! Now you’re getting it


Something like this!


Lol that’s a big troll haha

Repeat Forever
Increase (Health) by ((Current Timestamp)-(Start Timestamp))


I get what you want now you could probably do something like
Time + 1
Divide by 60 = hours
Modulo 60 = minutes