How do I make a triangle on hopscotch?


Please reply !!!. I'm begging you all!mplease!


Ok. It's pretty easy. Make sure your charecter is where you want the triangle to start. What you do is that you put a rule (when whenever you want it to happen) and put in a leave a trail block. Get rid of the move forward, and put a set position block. Put in where you want the first line's end to be. So, make sure the charecter is where you want the tip of the triangle to be. Put in another set position block still in the leave a trail. Set it to be where you want the bottom line to stop. Then ANOTHER set position block in the leave a trail. Set it to where the charecter started in the beginning. If you need pictures, I' in the middle of them.




Sorry about it being all jumbled up.


This is the code if you want an equalateral triangle.
Just place a set angle block above the code to start drawing at that angle.


You can even do this to make the code shorter :smiley::