How do I make a stopwatch?


Hi, I have a game and use hopscotch to code it, but I am making in game time and need help on how to make a stopwatch like thing. Can y'all tell me how?

How do you make a stopwatch?

I'll tell you in a few minutes. :smiley:


Hi if u are on I'll tell u !!!!
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Here is a semi accurate stopwatch. In a new project, it'd be 100% correct.

Make sure you copy the code exactly.


@Petrichor wouldn't this be simpler?


Yes, but mine is possibly more accurate. And easier/quicker to make. :smiley:


I will measure the accuracy of both projects.


Your method seems very accurate. Mine fell behind by one second after a while. Thanks for sharing, I will use it in my next project :smiley:


Hehe. Yes, but you need an FPS counter to make it 100% accurate all the time.
(I am so glad @Rawrbear informed me he default FPS is 60)


Read this for more info! ^


You can check my profile "William04GamerA". I have made a stopwatch, but it does not work in the new HS version. In the old iOS 7 version that I coded it in, it works fine. But it doesn´t work in the new HS version. However, it is still a great source for design inspiration :slight_smile: