How do I make a sin/cos spiral?


Ok...back to the point!
How can I make a sin/cos spiral? Can you please also show me how to change the size? You will get credit in da project!


First, what type of spiral? Horizontal or vertical?


Change the size as in how far apart it is or how far it spreads out or what?


All of those!


What do you mean? HITN20C?


Ok. I can help. One sec, I'm typing a thing


Left/right or up/down?


Like a snail shell!


Oh, so circular?
You just have to make the first bubble in sin and cos a value that increases and the second a different value that increase for both sin and cos, and the last where you want it to be. You prob already know the last two.


No....not circular,
like the top left one:


Step 1

Bring out an object. Create a rule with the When "the play button is tapped"

Step 2

Set Speed to fast (99999)

Step 3

Make a value called A (or whatever) and a value called B.
Set Value A to 1

Step 4

Repeat Times (look at bottom of tutorial) {
Leave a Trail {
Set Pos. X((A)x(cos(B)+500)) Y((A)x(sin(B))+400))
Incr. Value B by (look at bottom)
Incr. Value A by 1

Stuff to change

For the "look at bottom", you can change those.
For the Repeat, this is how far it spreads.
For Incr. Value B, this is how tight it is woven.


So like this?


Oh, like that, I'm not sure




Can I plz haz da 'ink fir 'at?


It's a bit off (the spiral), but that's because of my limited knowledge.

Step 1:

Create two values, because it's all you need.

[details=Step 2:]
Wait, going to give you teh link. It's on my acc (Corvus), btw.


Thanks a lot!


How do I make the spiral more compact? @GysvANDRegulus


Make the values more close in value (lol) to each other, so 1 would be 15/20, etc.


I don't get what you mean?