How do I make a group


How do I make a forum group


Only Leaders can do it, they are Level 4’s
(You’re a basic user, at Level 1)

New User = level 0
Basic user = level 1
Member = level 2
Regular = level 3
Leader = level 4

We currently have no active leaders at the moment, which is too bad oh well


Are u a Logan pauler???


that’s going to anger me sm


yeah especially after that suicide forest thing




SBYP please! A topic abt this was made yesterday!


Hello! You’d have to ask a moderator to do it, and there haven’t been many groups made since last year, so unfortunately, I don’t think that it is possible anymore.


Same man
I hope this doesn’t turn into a swearfest


I’ll flag you i it does as I’m kid


Are you a Logan pauler


No but my first name is logan


@loganisgreat I can see your new but just reminder that you can always search at the search bar in the top right corner I forgive you for did one cause I couldn’t find any myself but I made a topic bout this feel free to check it out!


Yeah I watched that… Creepy… The thing is… One of my friends dads died of suicide) a week after that video came out…