How do I make a GIF into a profile pic?


Hi. I have seen lots of people who have GIFs for their profile pictures, and I want to put a GIF as mine too. But do not know how. Can I have some help. Please?


Save a gif to your camera roll. Then upload it like normal!


One minute too late.... Shucks!


It isn't working. It is just a pic. Not an animation.


U might of downloaded it wrong. Does it say thenameoftheimage.gif? If it doesn't, then try re downloading it.


No It isn't. I am pressing the GIF then tapping save image, but when I look at it in the camera role, is a picture, not the video


Are u on a PC or ipad??


That's normal. Just upload as normal.


iPhone. I am on an iPhone.


I dont know if you can download gifs on a ipad/iphone... maybe not?


The image saved is the gif. The iPhone is just not showing it. Just try uploading it like any other pic.


I tried but it is just a picture. It doesn't move!


Tried uploading as your profile pic or saving it?


Uploading it. I have no idea why it isn't working.


You do it the same way as you would upload a picture! Save a gif from google or anywhere else into your camera roll, and upload it! :D


How do I save it? Every time I click on it says save image, and the word copy. I pressed save image and it is just an image, not the whole video. And also I tried copy but I don't know what to do after I copy it.


Just put a gif as your profile. Easy as that.


Just upload it. It will work. :3
Trust me.
If it doesn't, try another gif. :D


The reason it shows up as a image is because that's how it works.
As long as you have seen that it is indeed a Gif, then you just save it. It won't move. That's normal.

After that you just upload as normal.
It'll work, even if it shows up as a still imagine in your camera roll :D


I did it! Snoopy happy dance time!