How do I make a game?


I need help! I am a new Hopscotcher and need help. Please Help!:cry::cold_sweat::sweat: I need to know if anyone knows how to make a game. If anyone knows please help me.

For the app how do you make games as well? Or how do I log in?


Welcome! I would reccomend changing your profile picture.

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You can create an account by installing the app and tapping the "Sign Up" button!


Welcome to the forum! Change your pic that's something but
Are you on a phone because if so you can't make a game yet only on iPad!:wink:


Yes but I can't sign up! I can't figure out how to sign up. I don't see any sign up button.


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I am on an iPod. Please how do I make a game? I can't figure it out.


You can't make games yet on the phone you can only play games!


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Do you see the sign on button?


Welcome to the forum

Sorry! You can't code (yet!) on an iPod. If you have an iPad, you can!

Also, please change your profile pic to something not of you :wink:


Thanks. My mom has an iPad I don't. Can you do it on a computer?


No hopscotch is not on computer yet


You can't do hopscotch on the computer, but there are many others that you can do! There's....
- scratch
- kahn academy
- tynker

And more! I would suggest scratch if you want to code in an environment somewhat like hopscotch :wink:


No you can not its only iPad at the moment! Sorry for the inconvenience!


Blah I came here too late. Anyways, what @PopTart0219 said is really good!


I definietly agree with the others! _Please _ change your profile picture!!

Try watching the hopscotch tutorials for inspiration. They always help me. I suggest starting off with the Gemotry Dash turtorial, and then keep getting harder. If you would like more of a challenge, the crossy road turtorial is always there! I am Hopscotch Girl :heart:, on Hopscotch btw


Wow, this is an unusual question…What kind of game?

And I recommend changing your profile picture, a picture of you is personal info, plus anyone can look at the forum.

Welcome to the forum!


It's not on a computer, but if you want to code, I recommend Scratch! Or, go for a real programming language like JavaScript! :smile:


@Lorester1234 I think what people are getting at right now....



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There is a new topic on the forum where you can help Liza (one of the hopscotch creators) look and test for the iPod version to make sure there are no bugs. Maybe if you help test the iPod version will come out sooner! I hope to see your account soon when it comes out!