How do I make a game endless like a Minecraft type game


Can someone please help me


Just make it really big. Minecraft isn’t endless.


Yeah… you havent seen the border yet?
Or in early versions of the game the Far Lands


ROght how though show me how it would look


This is a really old tutorial from Hopscotch, but it shows you how to make an endless game (it’s Flappy Bird though). It will hopefully tell you a little how to make something “endless”.

Maybe this project will help too:


I once made on e but that was with something else


Just repeat an action forever that the player reacts to.


Um it did not work but I want it to show other stuff when the character walks guys go play it my user name is Grizzlygoat1 :goat: it’s my latest game thanks for the help


Oh, I am sad that it didn´t work! What would you like to have in front of the player? Objects? Moving backgrounds? Or something else?