How do I make a drawing pad on HS? / Shamrockat's general topic!


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I'm not sure how to make a drawing pad myself, actually, sorry XD
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I'm sure other people like @Steelhooves can help tho! :D


Welcome to this awesome community! Check the posts above, they contain helpful tips!
I have made a topic called "A guide to preferences", that will help you with your bio and other profile things.

You should also check out this topic:

To help you with the drawing pad, I would need a link or a description. Which colors? Which features? Which design?


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@shamrockcat Here are some tips.

Make sure you have some code to move the cursor (If Tapped) before it starts to draw (If Pressed)
You can add three values for R, G, and B, or if you prefer H, S, and B, you can use that too. Drag out a few squares, and make it so that when tapped, the square (individually) will change the current color by changing the three values. If this is too confusing, I'll send over some photos.