How do I make a drawing pad on HS? / Shamrockat's general topic!


Im somewhat of a noob,but...... If you check my HS page (shamrockcat​:shamrock::cat:) mayhaps you could help me? I made a draw page called Kat ftu drawing.


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I'm not very experienced in drawing pads, can anyone help?


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Maybe it is better to give her a link of the topic !


@IKuedin thanks!!!!!!!


Hi and belated welcome! Tag me anytime you need help like this: "@KVJ"!

To make a drawpad, you'll need:

An object that does the drawing
A way to choose/change colours
A name


Thanks!! :heart::heart::heart:️ You guys are so helpful!


Your welcome

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screen shots ty ty ty


You're welcome! I'm (and many people here also are) happy to help anytime!


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@shamrockcat I suggest you jump on over to my topic:

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